Thomio Watanabe
PhD candidate in Computer Science
USP, São Carlos, Brazil

I'm a PhD student in Robotics fascinated about the current developments in Artificial Intelligence. My PhD focus on state of the art solutions for obstacles detection in autonomous cars and I am currently working to give my contribution to this area.

Carina 2 (2016-2019). PhD project in autonomous vehicles at USP-ICMC, Brazil. Main activities: deep learning for obstacles detection in images and 3D perception with LIDAR.

FlatFish project (2014 - 2015). 2 years project at SENAI/CIMATEC - Brazilian Institute of Robotics. Autonomous Underwater Robot development for oil & gas structures inspection. Main activities: integration between robotics framework and simulator (rock-gazebo); underwater environment modeling and simulation; 3D model reconstruction of underwater assets.


Research interests

Personal projects